About the novel

Image by IDRC 2006, Davos

“How far would you go for love?” is a frequent question. But how far would you go for hatred? How far?

Sonia Clancy, a young graduate conference interpreter, has everything it takes to succeed. She is motivated, serious and she has a gift for languages. But that was without counting on a detail or rather a person who would cross her path.

Very quickly, the booth, her workplace, turns into a glass cage and behind her oppressive walls, Sonia risks losing her voice at any time.

First novel written by Jenny Sigot Müller, « Entre deux voix » opens the doors of a conference interpreter’s booth, this confined space unknown to the public where everything becomes possible, even the unthinkable.


The Author

Image by Jacques Sigot

Jenny Sigot Müller grew up close to Saumur in France. At an early age, she discovered a passion for French literature as well as English, German and Russian literature. As a teenager, she acted in many theatrical productions, which gave her another perspective of life and of other people.

After studying classes préparatoires (hypokhâgne and khâgne) in Nantes, she graduated as a translator from the ETI (École de Traduction et d’Interprétation), in Geneva, and later as a conference interpreter in Zurich (Dolmetscherschule Zürich). Since 2005, she has been a conference interpreter, based in Zurich, and a translator at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL.

In 2009, she became a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters  (AIIC).

At a great diversity of congresses, she lends her voice to speakers coming from different backgrounds and embodies her new role, the role of her life, that of a conference interpreter.



« Entre deux voix, Journal d’une jeune interprète de conférence » is available as a hardcover book (ISBN: 978-2-88194-240-2) and also as an e-book in the Amazon Kindle store, the Apple iBookstore and the Google Play Store.

A review of the novel was published in September 2014 in the ITI Bulletin : « Off the bookshelf » (PDF, 140k) by Charlotte Monnier.